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Confidence Rings

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Confidence Rings allow you to perform at your very best so both you and your partner get the maximum amount of pleasure from sexual intercourse, without resorting to prescription medication or surgery.
  • Can help you get longer lasting erections
  • Designed to provide firmer, more satisfying erections
  • Can be used safely with condoms
  • Extremely popular easy to use, discreet method
  • Comfortably fits all penis sizes

Confidence Rings can help you to naturally achieve a firmer erection and can help you to maintain your erection for up to 45 minutes by preventing your blood from flowing out of the penis.

Product Features
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What are Confidence Rings?

Confidence Rings are rings made from patented silicone that is 50% softer than latex that slip over your penis and are designed to help you maintain a firm, long lasting erection. They have a built in memory that adapts to your size which lasts for up to 6 months. They can be used either alone, or in combination with a penis pump to help you and your partner get the most enjoyment out of sex.

How do Confidence Rings work?

As you age, you may develop a leak in the veins in and around your penis that can lead to a loss of blood flow. This lack of blood flow can cause an inability to maintain an erection. Confidence Rings can help you to maintain a longer lasting erection by compressing the veins in and around your penis to contain the outflow of blood, while allowing for adequate arterial flow.

These rings are easy and discreet to use and fit closely around the base of your penis, but don't stop your circulation or stop the flow of semen.

How do I use Confidence Rings?

Once you have achieved an erection simply slip a ring over your penis, or if you are using a ring in conjunction with a penis pump apply the confidence ring before using the pump.

How long do they take to show results?

You can feel a noticeable difference to the strength and length of your erection almost immediately after slipping a confidence ring on your penis.

Are there any side effects?

These rings have no side effects. They are absolutely simple, safe and comfortable to use.

29.99 / $50.46

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Joe says

keep your confidence up at give the ladies a little treat. better sex all round.