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My Shreddies Briefs for Women

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Filter flatulence discreetly and any embarrassment with My Shreddies Briefs. These comfortable briefs fit snuggly to filter and absorb and flatulence. It uses ‘Zorflex’ activated technology to trap and neutralise any flatulence odours. My Shreddies have even been featured on television and radio shows such as BBC News, BBC Radio 1 and Day Break to name a few.

  • Porous in nature to help trap and neutralise flatulence
  • My Shreddies Briefs uses a carbon back panel to capture flatulence
  • Saves you from embarrassing social situations
  • Winner of the ACA ‘Look Good Feel Good’ award in 2009
  • Allows you to get on with your day without the worry about flatulence

Using state of the art technology these briefs fit snugly and are very popular with younger customers. Its contemporary and stylish design makes it a favourite for many women. Why not choose our next day UK delivery service, so you don’t have to wait around before using yours.

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What are My Shreddies Briefs?

My Shreddies Briefs are flatulence-filtering underwear for women. Its design incorporates a carbon back panel that traps, absorbs and neutralises flatulence odours. In doing so it can save you from embarrassing issues. They fit just any other briefs so you wont have to make any changes to your lifestyle or wardrobe choice.

How do they work?

My Shreddies Briefs use a ‘Zorflex’ activated cloth that has a carbon back panel. When wind is passed, the carbon back panel absorbs the odours not allowing it to spread. This same technology is used in chemical warfare suits. Remember that you don’t need to change anything in your day-to-day life. The back panel will absorb any flatulence so that no odour is released. For optimal results it’s important to ensure that your size is correct. If not then leakages can occur.

What size do I choose?

Choosing the correct size for you is very important as a size to big or one that doesn’t fit properly will leave gaps and can lead to leakages. For the briefs it is advised that you measure your waist measurement. Ensure that the back panel seam is flat again your bodyline and that the waistline is also snug against your waist. The carbon back panel should also fit taut against your buttock for best results.

How do I wash them?

Washing and keeping your Briefs in optimal condition is easy. Simply wash using soda crystals or baking soda at 40°C (104°F), and medium tumble dry or dry on a radiator. Do not use fabric conditioners and do not wash on a hot heat setting.

What is the My Shreddies Briefs made from?

My Shreddies Briefs are made from 46% Cotton, 46% Modal, 8% Elastane. The fibre cloth is 100% Carbon. Do not use fabric conditioner, do not hot wash and only tumble dry on a medium heat setting.

Does it stop the noise?

Using any My Shreddies underwear will not stop the sound of flatulence, but it does eliminate the odour discreetly. Many people find that simply moving their body can help stop or lower the noise.

How do I order mine?

Ordering you’re my Shreddies Briefs with ShytoBuy is secure, simple and as discreet as wearing the underwear itself. Also when you place your order by 4pm on any working day you could take advantage of our next day delivery service which also delivery on a Saturday! Begin now by choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ option.

£22.00 / $37.03

Customer Reviews

The average customer rating for this product is: 5.0/5.0
  • Helen says

    saw this on the news of all places. Did my research and it seems a legitimate product. i must say that i do like it. it works as described.

  • Francine, Newcastle says

    fast delivery and they keep you informed at ever level of the delivery process. I will be back for more

  • Miss Fartsalot says

    surprisingly normal. the back panel isnt uncomfortable at all, although i did think they were going to be. The fit well even though my figure is somewhat abnormal. great delivery and discreet payment too.

  • Ms Cole says

    Another bizarre product! I honestly cannot believe that a product like this would even exist but here i am using it! pleased to say that it works and im now happy to start dating :)

  • Katherine, 40 says

    Super comfortable and really no different to my usual underwear. Only this helps mask my embarrassment. Thanks shytobuy