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Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common problem that most men encounter at some point. In fact 10% of men in the UK suffer from it regularly. If it becomes a regular issue, premature ejaculation products are on hand to help you to last longer and enjoy more satisfying sex. Delay sprays, gels, creams and condoms help you to last much longer when it really counts.

STUD 100 ™ Delay Spray

Stud100 is a male desensitising spray that can be used to delay orgasm, so that you can enjoy sex for longer without the fear of ejaculating prematurely. It's discreet to apply and gets to work within minutes.

CoolMann ™ Delay Gel CoolMann Delay Gel

A welcome solution for anybody suffering from premature ejaculation. This natural gel can help you control and delay ejaculation so that you enjoy more satisfying sex.

Confidence Rings ™ Confidence Ring

Confidence rings are one of the most popular choices for men looking for a way to last longer and achieve much stronger erections. These easy-to-use rings are designed to accommodate all sizes.

Durex ™ Extended Pleasure

Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms have a special Benzocaine 5% lubricant in it to help make sex more exciting and also prolongs sexual activities. Men who use these condoms have also experienced a prevention in premature ejaculation.

Velv'Or Manhood Delay Spray

Manhood Delay Spray by Velv’Or helps to delay your ejaculation to make your sexual encounters and pleasure last longer. Spray this penis delay spray directly on your penis to heighten your sexual experiences.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray may help you delay your ejaculation for extended sexual pleasure. There is no need to rub or massage in, simply spray and go.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Wipes

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Wipes are one of the handiest ways to prolong pleasure in bed. Portable, discreet and simple to use, they’re a great way to enjoy longer sex. Each pack contains 8 wipes.

CoolMann ™ and Durex ™ Extra Combo Pack Buy CoolMann and Durex Extra Combo Pack

Used together, this combination can improve your sexual performance and satisfaction by helping you maintain a firmer erection for longer and fight premature ejaculation.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Gel

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Gel is a luxuriously pleasant textured gel blend designed to extend sexual pleasure in a safe and easy way. It makes sex feel great and satisfying.


1 in 10 men experience premature ejaculation problems at some point in their life. If you are one of them, the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Indeed, it is actually the number one sexual complaint among men under 50. Some will ejaculate immediately after developing an erection, right before penetration or just seconds after it.

The good news is up to 95% of men will find the right premature ejaculation solution to help prevent the problem happening, it’s just a case of finding the right one for you! There are a wide variety of products out there to help stop premature ejaculation for everyone. As well as premature ejaculation solutions, there are also a number of tips and techniques that you can use to last longer in bed. These are definitely worth checking out as some of these methods have been used for hundreds of years and have helped many men to combat this issue on their own.

Fundamentally, to help stop premature ejaculation one way you can do this is my maintaining an open mind. By staying positive, you can help give yourself the best chance of combating the issue and help delay ejaculation. Although the causes of climaxing early can be physical, very often they are down to psychological issues. Many men encounter the issue due to anxiety concerns, whilst some men encounter problems with over-sensitivity during intercourse. Another common cause is over-excitement and breathing too rapidly whilst having sex. Believe it or not, breathing deeply and relaxing your body during intercourse can help! This works best to stop premature ejaculation that is caused by anxiety or tension.

When it comes to finding the right premature ejaculation solution, there are a number of different options available. Every year, more and more men are choosing natural solutions to overcome their issue. The reason why men are choosing natural options is that they have been proven to provide significant results to help delay ejaculation. Such methods are often found to come without the side effects that other invasive and artificial products can cause. Using natural formulas to stop premature ejaculation also costs much less than other options.

The most important thing to remember is that there is a premature ejaculation solution out there for nearly everyone. You just have to choose the option that suits your needs the best. Products such as Stud 100 and Coolmann Delay Gel have helped millions of men to delay ejaculation and reclaim their confidence in the bedroom. There is also a vast array of condoms such as Durex Extended Pleasure available which offer one of the most discreet ways to help you last longer. Since these products can get to work in a matter of minutes, nobody needs to know the secret to your success, not even your partner!