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Volume Pills ™

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Improving your erection strength, sexual desire and ejaculation strength is easy and convenient with Volume Pills. These discreet, easy-to-swallow capsules are formulated with a unique blend of nutritious ingredients which have been used to boost virility for years.
  • Ingredients used for years to boost the body’s production of semen
  • Many of our customers have noted stronger, longer lasting erections
  • Helps you to enjoy more powerful and more satisfying ejaculations
  • Easy-to-take, discreet and convenient capsules
  • A market leader, with thousands of satisfied customers
  • All natural ingredients and suitable for vegetarians

When you order your Volume Pills from ShytoBuy you will join the thousands of men who have achieved stronger ejaculations and improved their all around sexual performance with this supplement. Remember, unlike other sites, we will deliver your product in plain discreet packaging the very next day after you have placed your order.

Product Features
Number of Capsules : 60 Serving Size : 2 x day Course Length : 1 Month
Type : Tablet Colour : Blue

What are volume pills?

Volume Pills are a food supplement which harness the traditional herbs of the Orient. They have already become a leading choice for men who want to improve their semen production. When you ejaculate a higher quantity of semen for longer, you can also effectively prolong the length of time your orgasm lasts, so that intimate experience becomes even more satisfying. The ingredients in volume pills are not only used in traditional Chinese medicines to improve virility, but have also been used for years to promote sexual performance.

How do I take Volume Pills?

Many of our customers note that taking 2 Volume Pills per day with a glass of water provided the most effective results. Do not take more than 6 Volume Pills in 24 hours.

Are there any side effects?

If you are currently taking any other medication, prescription or complimentary, you are advised to consult a doctor before you start taking the tablets. Volume Pills are suitable for men over the age of 18 and should not be taken by women. Please consult with a medical professional before taking volume pills if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

What are the ingredients?

  • Drilizen - Can help to increase your body’s production of testosterone.
  • Soldilin - Known to boost sexual desire and satisfaction.
  • Ling zhi - Famous for improving energy and sexual stamina.
  • Xian mao - Is considered a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Dong chong xia cao – Enhances testosterone production.
  • 4, 5, 7 trihydroxyflavone,- Helps to keep your sexual organ healthy and functioning properly.
  • Xi lan rou gui and hong hua fen – Opens up blood vessels to improve blood flow.
  • Ku gua - Can increase your body’s natural production of testosterone.

How do I order my Volume Pills?

Ordering your Volume Pills from ShytoBuy is quick, convenient and discreet. Many of our customers have experienced the benefits of Volume Pills in no time at all and you can join them by ordering today and receiving your parcel tomorrow thanks to our next day delivery service. To join the thousands of men who have benefited from this supplement simply choose the 'Add to Basket' option.

£47.99 / $82.34

Customer Reviews

The average customer rating for this product is: 4.6/5.0
  • Dwayne, 25 says

    a must have

  • Ted.M says

    i saw this advertised in a student website so i checked it out expecting to see a rogue site but i was pleasently surprised! their professional and when i bought from them i felt like i was incontrol

  • Charlie says

    i see a lot of funny comments for this product but they really are true. i have been using this for 2 months now and the results are outstanding!

  • Pullover says

    maybe the best thing since sliced bread

  • Federic says

    like the pill, like the delivery and love the site

  • Lab Test says

    the internet really does throw up some bizarre things! i thought this was pretty out there but thought i'd give it a go. the made thing is that it works! as sad as it sounds i did like an experiemnt, and i cummed like 4-5 times more than usual

  • Lone Ranger says

    probably the best invention ever made

  • Mancunian says

    multiple strong climax's

  • Mr Cust says

    an essential if you enjoy oral sex

  • The Colonel says

    i was up, hard and ready to go after volume pills

  • Leeroy says

    i think this is the best all round service i have ever experienced. they are very profesional ad the product is legit and works

  • Sanka, Jam says

    the only work that comes to mind is 'explosive'

  • Talk To Frank says

    sex has never been so good

  • Anand says

    I could never have a strong orgasm, they always felt meek and i felt as if i alwas underperformed. volume pills gave me the boost a needed. it helped me sexually and i gained buckets of confidence.

  • Allen.C says

    i have been searching for a pill that helps me cum more! the good thing about this is that it helped me last longer in bed too. so its like a win win! i go for longer and there a happy ending

  • Hogan says

    i saw a review for machine gun joe! more like Machine CUM Joe

  • Mits P says

    thank the lord for volume pills

  • King Kong says

    I was auditioning i a adult movie and wanted to impress with my volume! this was a no brainer and the moral of the story is! be preapared and this gave me all the help i needed. i got the part!

  • Alan says

    really easy pills and no one knows im taking them. they just look like normal medication! its a win win

  • Chiver says

    MAchine gun joe has nothing on me!

  • Buckets! says

    the name says it all!

  • Andrew says

    Like a TROOPER

  • Expectant Father says

    all the reviews i read on this were for sexual pleasure, which i totally understand. i was looking to have a baby with my missus and i thought this might help my chances. we struggled before but after taking this it really did boost our chances and 2 months later she's pregnant! I cannot thank shytobuy enough!

  • Martin Gorge says

    a miust have if you want to show your woman who's the boss in the sheets

  • Geoff says

    increased volume as it said it would

  • Murf says

    After a vasectomy reversal

  • Howard says

    Was sceptical at first but they really do work. Great orgasms! Highly recommend.

  • Stephen says

    Having used these compared to the other "volume plus" products I was surprised by the amount of semen that I ejaculated. An excellent buy.

  • Pete says

    be careful what you wish for. i was struggling to ejaculate but at this rate me and the wife will be having triplets!

  • CumMachine says

    Wow! What a product. Strongest orgasm I've ever had.